Dear Gardener,

Has a white fly infestation ruined your gardens in the past, chewing up your plants and killing their chances to grow or blossom?

Have you tried everything to get rid of white flies but have failed?

Are you afraid using poisons or home remedies to control white flies will hurt your plants or kill your garden?

Have I got some good news for you, now you can...

Gets Rid of White Flies For Good

Now you can kill white flies once and for all WITHOUT poison. Introducing WhiteFlyGuard white fly control system.

WhiteFlyGuard is a mechanical pesticide that kills white flies without harming your plants, in fact it's even safe to use around pets and especially humans because it's non-toxic - it only kills crawling insects like white flies and ants.

WhiteFlyGuard was originally developed for professional organic vegetable farmers who can't afford to lose their crops but who are also prohibited from using chemical poisons of any kind. Now it's finally available to you.

How This New White Fly Killer Works

WhiteFlyGuard kills white flies by simply shredding their intestines. The rough microcrystal spears (pictured to the right under microscope) in WhiteFlyGuard™ attach to the legs and bodies of white flies as they crawl across it.

When they groom it off, the crystals are like ground glass in the bugs intestines, shredding them from the inside out, resulting in internal bleeding, dehydration and ultimately death.

Because of the tiny size of these crystals WhiteFlyGuard is harmless to your pets and family as both intestinal track is hundreds the size of that of an insect.

Simply wet your plants and dust them lightly with WhiteFlyGuard™.

It's fine white powder lightly covers the leaves for just a few days, that's all it takes to be white flies free. Pretty easy huh?

  WhiteFlyGuard is a mechanical pesticide so it kills white flies without poison. White Flies NEVER grow immune to it.
WhiteFlyGuard is easy to use, just dust your plants once every 3 months and your fully protected. Takes minutes
WhiteFlyGuard is poison free so it won't harm your pets or small garden animals. It only kills bugs
WhiteFlyGuard is inexpensive so one container will last you for the entire year and beyond.
WhiteFlyGuard is not yet available in stores and is only available direct from Planet Amazing, the manufacturer. So your buying direct.

Get WhiteFlyGuard Direct From The Manufacturer

Planet Amazing, the makers of WhiteFlyGuard is an EPA registered manufacturer and packager of environmentally safe pesticides. We serve gardeners just like you and professional groundskeepers worldwide. Feel free to contact us with questions or wholesale inquiries at or call toll free 877-365-0970.


"Never saw another hole"

After 6 years of gardening this is the first season I haven't seen a single white fly whole in ANY of my plants.

I used your product (WhiteFlyGuard) 3 times during the year even though you said it only takes once and I still have plenty left for next year.

I never saw another hole after the very first application

I am a believer... it works

Mrs. Elizabeth Bell
, Ohio

"Worked in about a day"

Hey, just a quick note to say your product rocks. This is the only thing I have ever found to work on white flies.  I'm telling everybody I know about it.

It worked in about a day, after that they were just gone. 

Candice Hawkins
Jackson, Mississippi



LIMITED SUPPLY NOTICE:  As usual WhiteFlyGuard will soon be in short supply for the beginning of the season. Each year it is harder and harder to keep up with demand. Right now we are shipping all orders same day. As lead times increase we will make note of it here. Order early to avoid delays.



 Treats 250 Square Feet

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One 1.5 pound container of WhiteFlyGuard treats approximately 20 large size  tomato plants.

Plus - Our new container has a handle and shaker head for easy application.

It's time to take action and save your garden this year.

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